Where we put our attention and for how long, maps our destiny

Joe Dispenza

The premise of this workshop is that our attention is one of the most important tools in life.
Where we direct our focus/attention consciously or unconsciously speaks volumes about who we are and has a huge impact on everything we do.
The way we use our attention determines the creation of our desired outcomes, on both professional and personal level, having a tremendous effect on the quality of our life.

This two hour workshop provides:

  • a clear understanding of focus and the neuroscience behind it, addressing the connection between your focus and energy levels
  • mindfulness techniques that support participants to strengthen their concentration skills and stay focused when various external factors are competing for their attention
  • coaching tools that help refocusing and using attention in a mindful and efficient way
  • an efficient technique to help you organise your projects and goals and stay focused on them all the way to fruition.