“Working with the body leads you into something deeper, to a state of mind you’ve been looking for your whole life, to a much bigger state of being.”

Reginald A. Ray

I have explored and trained in various somatic practices both in London and New York from QI Gong and Clinical Hanna Somatics to Continuum Movement and Body Mind Centering as I have a strong belief in the healing potential of movement.

The pressures of the modern world agenda, the use of technology in these increasingly virtual times have caused us to disconnect from our bodies and spend most of our time in our heads, which affects not only our wellbeing but our mental health. Improving the body posture, releasing deep muscle tension and gaining more freedom in movement are some of the benefits of these somatic practices.

A regular movement practice that supports mindful embodiment, and a sense of reconnection with self  is not only necessary but elementary. You will be able to go back to your work or personal life with a new sense of alignment, productivity and zest for life.

Masterclasses take place in person and online. 


"The cognitive spillover from exercise reminds us that our brains don’t operate in isolation. What you do with your body impinges on your mental faculties"

Neuroscientist Ben Martynoga (researcher at the Francis Crick Institute London)