"When you can become conscious of those unconscious aspects of the old, habituated self, rooted in the operating system of the subconscious, you are beginning the process of changing anything about yourself and your reality"

Dr Joe Dispenza

The Coaching Approach

The Breakthrough coaching programme I practice is extremely efficient in detecting the unconscious patterns that are holding you back and provides you with a solid structure to realise your goals. We are all born with a unique potential, summing up various natural abilities that we are here to express and the only thing that is sabotaging our functioning from the highest version of ourselves is our mindset. To be straight, the only thing that stands in the way of you being and having everything you want is you. Holding on to thought patterns that are limiting and damaging, you will generate emotions and behaviours that will not be a reflection of your true potential.

My approach goes beyond just addressing the conscious mind, it is about revealing the beliefs, definitions and assumptions you hold unconsciously and learning how to shift out of them. Get ready for a journey that will profoundly change the way you view yourself, others and the world. Get ready to connect with a power that lies dormant inside of you, under layers and layers of limiting thoughts and inner attitudes that keep you small.

If there are areas in your life you feel unhappy about, it’s not the circumstances that make you unhappy- it’s just that you are NOT connected with the power within you.
Once embarked on this program we will go through specific processes, exercises and even guided meditations, following a precise structure to gain a deep awareness of your patterns. In the second part, we will use this new awareness to reset the way you will be operating in life and implement a solid set of choices that will compel you to take action and shape your reality according to your innermost desires.

WARNING: it will not be always comfortable, especially at the beginning. You will feel challenged, you will uncover your fears and look at aspects of your identity you normally avoid addressing. But there is NO change and evolution if you remain in your comfort zone. And I wouldn’t be of real service to you if we only addressed the things it’s easy to talk about. But you will be in safe and experienced hands all the way through the journey and by the end of it you will stand firmly on your feet, equipped to go further in life with full engines. As I always tell my clients, "the deeper you go, the higher you'll fly".

An important thing to mention is that, as a coach, I do not put my clients in an addictive, needy place, where they have to come back over and over again to fix themselves. The first premise I work with, is that we are all powerful reality creators-it is a matter of attending the 10 session programme, which will provide you with a strong foundation, and you will be able to thrive by using this set of effective tools for a lifetime.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung