About ME


My name is Andreea Mona...

...and my journey has started 15 years ago when I discovered the benefits of complementary therapy. It started as a personal healing journey but it has rapidly shifted into a new career path, as I discovered my passion for the human potential.

I’ve started my...

...practice working with energy healing techniques such as Reiki (Usui, Karuna, Seikhim), Theta Healing and Metamorphic technique- I am passionate about the energy healing modality because it works simultaneously at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, offering tangible results for your health as well as your sense of alignment and inner wellbeing.


I then trained and qualified...

...in a powerful transformational coaching system, enabling me to support my clients in understanding what drives their behaviour and shift out of unconscious self sabotaging patterns. Gaining awareness of one’s conditioning is fundamental in order to live an empowered and fulfilling life. It is the most important gift someone could offer themselves: the key to overcome any form of limitation and to unlock their potential. Please refer to the Coaching page for more information about the program.

Interested in the healing potential...

...of movement I have trained in various somatic practices, in both London and New York, and the body work has come to hold an important place in my practice. The somatic techniques available in my somatic masterclasses have supported my clients to break out of disempowering habitual postures, release muscle tension, get a sense of deeper embodiment and freedom of movement in their daily activities. The latest discoveries in pshychology and neuroscience also back up the fact that working with the body has a tremendous impact on the mind and benefits our emotional state. Please refer to the Somatics page for details.


Our Clients

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