• You Are Limitless
  • Your potential

    to the fullest extent


Private coaching available as a 10 session Breakthrough programme or targeting a specific end result.


Group workshops available for corporate and wellbeing events and in house company coaching.


Somatic movement masterclasses for improved posture, leadership embodiment and wellbeing.

THE BREAKTHROUGH programme will:

Earth of Fire and Ice
  • identify your unconscious limiting core beliefs that are obstructing your ability to function from the highest version of you;
  • identify and bring to your awareness the underlying assumptions, definitions and strategies that your identity is using and projecting as reality;
  • provide you with a clear understanding of your disfunctional tendencies in your relationships;
  • reposition you in an optimal way with regards to creating relationships, prosperity, professional and personal projects;
  • create and implement a structure that will compel you to follow through on your chosen end results;
  • provide you with specific tools for high performance on a daily basis, keeping you aligned with your end results.



Providing you with a deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind attention and coaching tips for an improved and sustained focus and heightened awareness.


Tapping into the science of creativity and getting you equipped with practical tools to access creative states at will.


Uncovering your dysfunctional tendencies in relating to others and optimising the way you interact in your personal or professional relationships.


Providing valuable insight into the factors that shape your body image and addressing the sensitive link between self worth and body image, aiming to shift out of disempowering mindsets around our bodies.

Our Clients

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Where to find us

Our Coaching Room is located in Soho:
33 Oxford Street W1D 2DS London
All private sessions are also available online.
For workshops and classes we travel to your office or other locations (including international retreats).

Book your first sesssion

For your first coaching session, please allow
an extra 30min free of charge, for an initial assessment
and induction in the Breakthrough program.